GraniteLux is a stone company what has long experience in stone business, but the desire to stand out and find another approach for natural stones,also for recycling and to keep up with the ever-changing environment, we decided to start using leftovers. As a result, the Luxuary brand was created, which focuses on the manufacturing and sales for marble jewelry. The ideas to bring everything together required a lot of effort until we found the company Marmorometry in Greece, owned by Xenia Nefelly Vlachou, as a partner for cooperation is one of Greece's most famous designers.Her passion has been marble and jewelry, which combines recycling, geometry and the wonderful beauty of marble. Today's fashion industry is focused on mass, but not on emphasizing uniqueness and quality. All our jewelry is handmade, as a result, each piece of jewelry is unique and withstands even the harshest fashion changes of the time. Our jewelry is designed to go with every outfit and is suitable for everyday wear as well as for more festive events. 

Our desire and will is to constantly develop and offer our customers uniqueness, glamor and shine.